Camaro L.E.D. Door Sill Plate Lighting Kit
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Introducing our new L.E.D. kit for lighting up the door sill plate on your 2010-2013 camaro. This kit is designed as an option to add to our LED interior w/dome lighting kit. Each kit comes with 2 x 24" BRIGHT or SUPERBRIGHT self adhesive L.E.D. strips to cover both doors sills. Each strip has 36 leds. If you order these in conjunction with our L.E.D. Interior Lighting W/Dome Kit, the footwell kit will have extra leads to connect the door sill L.E.D.'s to make installation a very easy addition. If not you will need to follow the interior kit wiring instructions.  These will operate just as the interior lights do retaining the "theater" effect and come on when you open the doors or turn on the interior lights. Really sets your interior apart from all the other Camaro's out there. Purple and Aqua colors can only be ordered in Superbright.


Installation instructions here

  • Item #: CAM-DR-B

Camaro L.E.D. Door Sill Plate Lighting Kit

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