Introducing our new Corvette color changing remote controlled desktop display. This is a perfect addition for your Man Cave, garage, bar, office or home. You can pick your own color or let the led controller cycle through all the different modes such as strobe, fade, smooth transition from one color to the next. Signs made of the highest quality for long life. Our desk friendly size wont take up too much room on your desk.

  • Our many options let you pick your corvette generation and specify which text you want.
  • 100% 3d laser etched high quality acrylic used on the base and display
  • Because our etchings are removable from the base you can change to a different etching in the future. 
  • Pick any color or function you want or let the controller transition between all colors with strobe, fade, heartbeat modes.
  • Superbright led strips with 12 leds.
  • Fades, strobes, transitions and effects! Internal RGB RF color changing microcontroller with wireless remote control gives you control over the lights, from a distance!
  • 110 volt a/c adapter included
  • Approx. size is 10"long x 2" wide x 5" tall
  • Made in the USA.
  • Free USPS Priority Mail shipping.
  • Item #: C5-DSK-12-RGB


Price: $64.95
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